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Psychiatric Care and De-Addiction Center in Nashik

The Department of Psychiatry at Deore Speciality Hospital is headed by Dr. Kavita Bhushan Deore (Patil) (MD. Psychiatry) and allied team of expert Psychiatry staff. We are dedicated and committed to provide highly cost-effective and patient-centric psychiatric treatments and therapies for your mental illness.

Our Psychiatric department is well equipped with good infrastructure and the latest pharmaceuticals. Our team of doctors is trained and specialized in right evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of your overall mental health management





Psychiatric Care

Specialized Care for

Care Excellence at Deore Hospital

OPD at Deore Hospital is available 24 X 7 with dedicated consultants and doctors accessible immediately when necessary to handle any emergency and critical care.
Experience and Expertise of our doctors helps patients to go through only necessary investigations, most of which are available at hospital only. We follow this practice to save time and cost of diagnosis and align right treatment effectively.
High qualification and experience of all our consultants and doctors along with modern medical equipment and technology helps us to produce fastest diagnosis and clinical judgements. This makes our treatments more aligned and successful in minimum time.
All our investigations, diagnosis, treatments are highly patient-centric where our team puts all possible efforts to make it as cost effective as possible without compromising quality and results of treatment.

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